Features :
  • They are made of aluminum , which is light and corrosion resistant since aluminum and stainless steel product are used for the main housing and reflector ( they are also backed by melamine ) respectinely, the product are easy to installand maintain.
  • The housing retains IP number for degree of protection conforming to the IP65 ( dust-tight and jet-proof )
  • this luminaire has a built-in rapid type ballast , featuring high power factor and power saving benefit.
  • Specifications
    Rapidstart , rated 100/200 V range ,
    frequecy , 50/60 Hz high power factor
  • Material and finished color
    Housing : Aluminum alloy ( munsell N7 )
    Reflector : Stainless steel ( white )
    Socket holder : Aluminum die cast (munsell N7 )
    Protected cover : Heat resisting glass
    Terminal box : Gray cast iron
  Cautions for use
  • Use the equipment in an ambient temperature of - 20 to 40° ( In case of emergency luminaries 20 + 15 °C )
  • Always use an accessory tool to open globe to replace a lamp
  • Apply a sealing agent to the screw engagement part when using the lighting equipment outdoors
  • Fluorescent lamp luminaries with built - in rechargeable batteries are used in places where emergency lighting equipment is required. A sealed nickel cadmium battery,automatic power supply changeover device and silicon transistor HF lighting device are built - in , and the luminaries is equipped with a check and interlock switch.